One of the finest remaining temperate rainforests in the United States

Preserving a last great american river

the hoh river Valley

The Hoh River Trust was formed to own and manage river lands along the Hoh River on
Washington’s Olympic Peninsula with an objective to conserve, restore, and enhance these
lands for the benefit of fish, wildlife, and people.

we’re committed to


We are working to restore the
industrial timberland to a more
naturally evolving condition that will
enhance habit for the dependent


We oversee the condition of the property and ensure that its uses are compatible with our conservation objectives.


Engage the community to ensure that this land keeps its recreational and cultural vitality, so that ultimately the community has a true sense of ownership over these lands. 

Truly a unique
conservation opportunity

The chance to preserve the Hoh River is truly a unique conservation opportunity; it is a last great American river. Of over 250,000 rivers in the continental US, the Hoh is arguably one of the most unspoiled, flowing virtually intact for 56 miles from its source high in the Olympic Mountain range into a marine sanctuary along Washington’s Pacific coast.

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Hoh River Recreation and Conservation Area Map

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The West End of the Olympic Peninsula is a special place. As an important working landscape that over the years has provided the world with essential forest products, much of the lower elevation forest lands reveal a continually evolving view of a working forest in various stages of harvest and re-growth.

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